Los Angeles County Policy No. 311.4, as revised on July 1, 2016, states as its purpose:  “To build, maintain, and support a Safe and Just Culture at the Department of Health Services…A Safe and Just Culture is one in which safety is an individual and organizational priority, and where errors, near misses, adverse events, and hazardous conditions can be easily reported without retaliation, and are seen as opportunities for improvement as a means to identify system and behavior changes that will improve the safety and quality of care we deliver”.

One of the most important tenants of this policy as far as UAPD members are concerned is the recognition that adverse events are often the result of system failures, rather than the result of reckless or intentionally malicious behavior. Individuals are accountable for their actions, but should not be held responsible for events or conditions that are beyond their control.

The policy statement goes on to define key concepts that, at a minimum, should make it possible for all department heads and supervisors to understand what is now expected of them. It goes without saying that our members may now point to this policy and demand that department administrators and their designated representatives adhere to its principals.

UAPD intends to work with the County and other labor organizations in the implementation and enforcement of this policy. And we will not tolerate selective enforcement in any way shape or form.