UAPD kicked off State bargaining on Wednesday, February 19, 2020.  Introductions of both teams, ground rules, and the February bargaining schedule were established during this first meeting. 

In an unprecedented accomplishment, UAPD was successful in increasing the bargaining committee representatives from 5 to 7, giving our members an increased voice at the table.  Leading the UAPD team is Doug Chiappetta, Executive Director. Doug wasted no time laying out the Union’s top priorities for our doctors.

Priority issues:

  • Wages and Wage Parity
  • Respect and Dignity in the Workplace 
  • Professional Autonomy 
  • PEPRA benefit augmentation
  • Contracting Out 

Your bargaining committee is diverse, vocal, experienced, and energized to bargain the best contract, which will address all of the key issues from the survey responses you provided. 

In the next few weeks union representatives, bargaining committee members, and your colleagues will be distributing campaign materials for you to post at your workplace.  Our campaign theme is “ONE TEAM – ONE FIGHT!”.  Only in unity can we win a strong and fair contract. Let’s spread the energy that was started this week to all of our members in each state facility. 

Your participation is valued and needed. We are in the process of building a Contract Action Team (CAT). As a CAT Team member, your role will be to support the bargaining team by ensuring all of your colleagues are getting the updates, communicating back to the bargaining team, providing support for any future actions at your worksite, encouraging nonmembers to be members, and team building.

If you are interested in signing up to be a CAT member, contact the UAPD Sacramento Office by email. A bargaining committee member or union representative will follow up with you.

The next bargaining session is scheduled for Wednesday, February 26, 2020, at the UAPD Sacramento Office. 

In unity,
2020 State Bargaining Kickoff!

Stuart A. Bussey, M.D., J.D, President
R Douglas Chiappetta, M.A., Chief Negotiator
Robert A. Bitonte, M.D., Department of Social Services
Beth Chung, M.D., Department of State Hospitals
Peter D. Dang, DPM, Department of State Hospitals
Simon Hamid, M.D., Department of State Hospitals
Ryan M. Kim, D.O., Corrections & Rehabilitation
Navreet Mann, M.D., Corrections & Rehabilitation
Patricia D. Hernandez, J.D., Senior Representative
Nereyda Rivera, UAPD Senior Representative
Rachel Flores, Senior Representative
Gary R. Robinson, Consultant