NEVHC Providers Ratify First Contract with 19.25% in Raises

UAPD members have ratified the Agreement that was reached between the Union of American Physicians and Dentists (UAPD) and the Northeast Valley Health Corporation (NEVHC) in February.  UAPD Labor Representative Steve Cook and a team of NEVHC providers worked diligently over many months to craft the best possible language.  The contract significantly improves compensation for all the providers represented by the new union.  The doctors, nurse practitioners and physicians assistants employed by NEVHC among are the latest to join UAPD’s growing clinic sector.

Download the full Agreement (PDF)


Term – 5 Year Contract.  All changes, including wage increases, are retroactive to January 7, 2013.

Wage Increases
1st Year  — 3.75%
2nd Year —  3.75%
3rd Year  — 3.75%
4th Year  — 4.0%
5th Year  — 4.0%
Total wage increase over 5 years – 19.25%

Improved Continuing Education Leave 
Reimbursable CE Expenses Increased.  Increases in Reimbursement for Professional License Fees, Association Fees, and DEA Fees.

Union Representation
The Contract gives members access to a UAPD Labor Representative, as well as UAPD Provider Representatives at the workplace.  They can answer questions and work with you to solve any work related issues.

Grievance Procedure
The contract lays out a process for settling disputes when providers have work issues that involve violations of the contract.  The final step of the procedure is binding arbitration, meaning that a neutral third party has the final word if the union and employer cannot reach an agreement.  Binding arbitration is the hallmark of a strong and effective grievance procedure.

A Contract
All other policies and procedures remain the same, and many of them are now enshrined in the UAPD contract.  This means that Providers have an agreed-upon process (the grievance procedure) to challenge the employer if they violate any of the terms to which they and the Union have agreed.