LA County Pharmacist Update

As some of you may know, UAPD has been partnering with SEIU Local 721 on several County issues.  One of which is the bully boss campaign.  We have met in protected forums with Dr. Christina Ghaly and other DHS-HR staff to discuss incidents where front line staff felt bullied or harassed by their supervisors.  The meetings have taken place at County facilities including Olive View and MLK Outpatient Center.

Following these forums, there has been removal or reassignment of some pharmacy managers, where their behavior has been found to be too egregious to tolerate.

Dr. Christina Ghaly has arranged for LAC+USC pharmacy staff to meet with Interim CEO Bonnie Bilitch and DHS to address those important pharmacy concerns as well.  Another meeting will be  held in upcoming weeks.  We welcome the open dialogue with the new CEO and hope we can resolve long standing issues.
In 2016, UAPD began having Joint Labor-Management (JLM) meetings with DHS-HR and DHS Pharmacy Management.  Through these meetings, UAPD Pharmacist leaders and management are trying to collectively resolve pharmacy issues, which are many.   For example, the lack of posting of vacancies has been an ongoing issue.  Now, we can claim victory.  Vacancies will now be displayed in all LA County pharmacies, near where work schedules are posted, or in another conspicuous place.

You can also go online to view current County opportunities for pharmacists.  Note that there may be open civil service exams or certification lists established for each position. There also may be active ongoing recruitment for a listed vacancy, so it may be filled at any time.  If you are interested in a lateral transfer, please submit your resume, last two performance evaluations, and last year’s attendance summary to the contact listed on the page