The County of Los Angeles provides services to the over 10 million residents who call Los Angeles County home. With more than 35 departments and 200 commissions, the County operates one of the largest local government organizations in the world. Given the size of this County, it is imperative that UAPD position itself strategically if we are to be successful moving forward.

It is therefore never too early to start gearing up for negotiations for new collective bargaining agreements, to replace those that will be expiring in the upcoming months. We will be faced with a lot of challenges and uncertainties, for example: will the county lose federal dollars? How do we make up any loss in revenue? How do we continue to deliver quality care? What are the alternatives? UAPD members will have the opportunity to engage and participate in the process to solve some of these critical issues.

However, in order to fully do so, we must have a safe and just work environment. Our members should not have to deal with hostility. UAPD believes we succeed when our members work in an environment based on mutual interests, respect, trust and effective communications.

Thus, we will be working with the County and other Unions to launch a campaign to develop a harassment free workplace throughout DHS, DMH and DPH. Some of you will be working on the committees and helping develop the campaign. Our goal is to have managers and supervisors trained on creating a safe and just work environment.

Another challenge is to fill the vacancies. The Union and the County are identifying new avenues to recruit physicians to fill the vacancies. Sufficient staffing levels are also key to delivering accessible, high quality care. We will continue to work with you, the members, and LA County to identify and fill current vacancies. Our goal is to attract, develop and retain employees in the bargaining units.