AHS News and Negotiation Updates

Negotiations continue at a very slow and frustrating pace. AHS does not provide the necessary information for the Union to prepare a market proposal. Most of the union’s proposals have been submitted except for market adjustments and extended hours proposal.

AHS has withheld payment of the 4% lump sum payment to psychiatrists per the currently expired MOU. AHS maintains that it cannot instruct its payroll department to make the payments to the doctors. UAPD will file a request for arbitration to get these bonuses paid. Also, AHS has failed to provide evidence that the outpatient clinics did not meet the metrics for the past two measuring periods. UAPD has asked that all physicians receive the maximum bonus payment. AHS is still struggling to provide the evidence. UAPD will file for an arbitration for these bonus payments, per the MOU.

The UAPD ULP and arbitration against AHS continues regarding the illegal contracting out of Psychiatrists at John George Psychiatric Emergency Hospital. The arbitration is scheduled on March 16 & 19, 2018. UAPD is confident the arbitrator will rule in the Union’s favor in light of UAPD’s latest legislation and given the fact that the arbitrator assigned to this case has ruled in favor of UAPD against ACMC (AHS) for trying to contract out psychiatrists at JG in 2006.

UAPD requested a wage re-opener for market adjustments in all UAPD classifications due to recruitment and retention issues. GFHN agreed to an early MOU re-opener. We have met once and will prepare competitive market proposals later this month.
UAPD successfully fought the inclusion of a disciplinary letter in our member’s personnel file. During our investigation we found that the employer failed to properly notify the member per the MOU and breached its duty to conduct a proper investigation. The Employer withdrew the written discipline from the member’s file after UAPD filed a grievance.