Update for Northeast Valley Health Corporation

Then pandemic took a tremendous toll on NEVHC providers, staff and patients. 

Current issues we are working on are 1) a one time, non precedent setting roll over of CME time and $ as most members were unable to use it during the pandemic, and 2) management’s intention to transition back to all providers returning to in person, face to face patient care

We implemented The Joint Solutions Committee to address lack of Administrative time for providers, as a separate committee at NEVHC. 

To date there have been no layoffs of UAPD providers, however dozens of ancillary support staff were laid off prior to and during the Pandemic, which caused substantial challenges to the providers (physicians, Dentists, Pas, NPs) , who were then faced with insufficient and/or untrained assistive personnel. 

NEVHC administration to date has not yet fully implemented UAPD providers’ proposals for the COVID 19 Task Force – and the clinics are not equipped to meet health and safety standard for providers to safely return to work.  We are meeting with management on this matter.

NEVHC states it is committed to addressing issues of racism and multiculturalism in new ways, after UAPD pushed the organization to open this dialogue between management and Union, members and staff. It is an ongoing issue that is being addressed, haltingly, in a respectful, responsive manner. But the struggle on this issue continues. 

Labor Management meetings continue on a regular basis, addressing health & safety & security and racism issues as well as protocols and scheduling challenges