California Counties

Major Grievance Victories in LA County

As important as negotiating strong contracts is enforcing them, and in 2010 UAPD has had great success in holding Los Angeles County to the terms of our contracts. Vigorous contract enforcement protects doctors, those with specific grievances as well as all others,...

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The Latest News on San Francisco Layoff Plan

On April 6, 2010, the City and County of San Francisco sent out an update regarding the citywide layoffs. The effective date for layoffs has, once again, been postponed, this time until June 11, 2010. When we last met with the City, ERD and DPH indicated that rehire...

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Message from Medical Director Katz about CCSF Layoffs

Message from Medical Director Dr. Mitchell Katz: Effective Layoff Date Extended to Friday, June 11 Mayor Newsom has agreed to extend the effective date of layoffs noticed on or about March 5, 2010, to close of business on Friday, June 11, 2010. This extension is to...

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