Resolutions Passed at the UAPD 2015 Triennial

View photos from 2015 Triennial on Flickr BE IT RESOLVED THAT: UAPD Support and Advocate for Changes in Federal Law to authorize employed physicians who are supervisors or managers to unionize for purposes of collective bargaining under the National Labor Relations...

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Two New Groups Win First Contracts!

UAPD has accelerated its organizing program over the last year, bringing hundreds of new members into the Union.  After each organizing campaign is finished comes the even more challenging task -- negotiating a first contract with a sometimes recalcitrant employer. ...

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Santa Clara Doctors Stop Contracting Out

A battle between doctors in Santa Clara County and County administrators ended with a big victory for UAPD.  After weeks of protest, the County agreed not to replace doctors at their corrections facilities with outside contractors as originally planned.  The County...

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AHS Market Reopener on Salaries

UAPD has been meeting with AHS over the market reopener negotiated earlier this year.   UAPD prepared a comprehensive survey of the surrounding counties that shows that AHS salaries for specialties are below market, except for dental. View market survey here. After...

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New Clinic Joins UAPD

Providers at the To Help Everyone (THE) Health and Wellness Centers in Los Angeles have joined UAPD and negotiated their first contract.  The new UAPD contract was overwhelmingly ratified by members.   A contract summary is below, and the full text of the Agreement...

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LA Physicians in Bargaining

Los Angeles County Physicians (324) are at the table this month.  One of the ways that an employer gauges the strength of a union during bargaining is by its membership rate -- the percentage of people who have chosen to sign an application to become full members...

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